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About Me

About Me

I am a sophomore at New York University, majoring in journalism and philosophy. Currently, I am an Editorial Intern at CR Fashion Book and L'Officiel.



January 2022 - Current

I am a digital editorial intern at CR Fashion Book

December 2020 - December 2021

I am a marketing assistant at Glass Grab. I pitch marketing ideas to the team and help manage social media platforms.

September 2021

I was an intern at the event planning company Find your ID. I helped organize their fashion show by working backstage at the casting and show.

January 2021 - May 2021

I was a marketing intern at Fashion Potluck. I wrote articles with deadlines using SEO terms. I assisted the founders in PR projects. I brainstormed marketing ideas with the team. I directly interacted with our community using the social media profile.

October 2020 - January 2021

May - June 2020

I was a staff writer for Her Campus NYU. I pitched three articles and write 3-4 articles each month. Sections ranged from Style to Beauty to Culture.

As a part of a program for my school I had the opportunity to intern for Rubin Singer. Originally the internship would be in NYC but due to COVID-19 it was online. We would meet multiple times a week and discuss the fashion industry. I heard from people in sales and production roles about their jobs. I also created a magazine layout throughout the internship.

2019 - 2020 School Year

I was the Managing Editor of my paper. In addition to writing articles and completing broadcasts I edited every article that goes in the paper and helped editors choose which articles go in the paper. Every other month I oversaw layout and assisted editors with laying out the paper. I also communicated with our business team for ads to finance the paper and the printing company for our print date.

Summer 2019

I spent six weeks taking classes at New York University School of Journalism. I took a Style Journalism class taught by Jessica Minkoff where I wrote multiple fashion articles including personal essays, trend pieces, and runway reviews. I heard from practicing fashion journalists about their careers and found out about the workings of the fashion industry. I also took Expository Writing where I wrote essays and was taught different strategies to improve my writing skills. I was a recipient of the Darlene Forrest award for my work in my Expository Writing class.

2018 - 2019 School Year

I became the Features Editor for my paper. In addition to writing articles and completing a broadcast each quarter, I edited every article in the features section and laid out a paper every other month. I worked with a co-editor on some of these layouts and worked independently on others.

Summer 2018

I spent a week at a program at Yale Daily News. I collaborated with other young journalists to write articles for the first issue and spoke to industry professionals about their careers.

Summer 2018

I attended the School of the New York Times for four weeks. I traveled to different places around the city to get interviews and wrote multiple articles including two finalized pieces. I also explored fashion, film, and food journalism in depth with industry professionals. 


I am a digital editorial intern at L'Officiel





Social media

I am completely fluent in Indesign.

I have spent 3 years utilizing the program almost everyday and trained two staffs of 13 people each to use the program.

I am very comfortable using Photoshop.

I can cutout images and can use a majority of the tools when needed.

I have managed multiple social media accounts and have a good understanding of audience and advertising. 

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